Circle 6000 Cufflinks - Brass


A simple and elegant pair of cufflinks that will stand the test of time. Their minimal, classic design means they can be easily paired with any shirt you like, giving you ultimate versatility.

They've been crafted from one piece of solid brass, so there are no hinges or screws to come loose or break. The rigid design also means you can wear the cuff links with either end facing out.

Each piece is individually finished by hand, so you can be assured the cufflinks you wear have a character of their own. The cuff links are presented in a complimentary timber gift box, exclusive to Burton Metal Depository.

For an extra special touch, the cuff links can also be custom engraved with a symbol or initial/monogram. Leave us a message and we'll get in touch to discuss this.

Crafted in: matt finished brass
Dimensions: across the front face 13mm (0.5in.), overall length 16mm (0.6in.)

This is a collection piece and will ship from our studio in 1-3 business days.

Also available in Sterling Silver