Twin Souls Necklace - Silver


This minimalist men's necklace will make a modern statement and complement any outfit. Made of solid 925 Sterling Silver, the pendant is heavy-weight and luxurious to hold.

The graphic detail wrapping around the jewellery is our interpretation of the ancient Egyptian heiroglyphic for 'ka' - that vital part of the soul they believed was breathed into a person's body at their birth.

Each piece is individually finished by hand, so you can be assured the necklace you're wearing has its own, unique character. The necklace is presented in an exclusive Burton Metal Depository timber gift box.

Crafted in: brush finished, solid 925 sterling silver
Dimensions: 50mm length
Chain: 70cm long oxidized nickel silver with signature bmd detail

*We've currently sold out of this design, but are hard at work making more! Necklaces ordered now will be shipped from our Sydney studio on May 15th. If you'd like to discuss your order, use our Contact Us page or email contact@burtonmetaldepository.com*