Novo Bracelet - Brass


This bracelet is the perfect way to subtly accessorize. The amulet is double-sided and finished on a handmade silk cord. The piece makes a great gift, even for someone who might not usually wear jewellery.

This design is our modern interpretation of an ancient belief. One side of the jewelry is an abstracted hieroglyph of the scarab, on the other is the eternally rising sun. The bracelet is presented on a card with the meaning of the design (below).

The story: In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was a symbol of rebirth. It was believed to represent the god Khepri pushing the sun through the morning sky, just as the beetle always rolled it's ball of dung. At the end of each day the sun disappeared, always to rise and be reborn the following day. And so the scarab became a sign of hope and renewal.

Crafted in: Brass, brushed finish with oxidised detailing. The 100% natural silk cords are extremely strong and flexible.
Dimensions: Adjustable - at the largest, the circumference of the bracelet is 25cm.

We can also custom make a bracelet to a particular length, simply leave us a note at the end of checkout.

This design is a collection piece and will be sent from our studio within 1-3 business days.

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